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Empowering data scientists to take humanity to the future faster.

Number one deep learning platform

Our vision is to become the company to rely on for managing deep learning projects. Valohai is a platform where data scientists can run, iterate, and collaborate on deep learning models, from experiments to inference.

We provide tools for scalable machine orchestration, automated pipelines, reproducible model training, transparent team collaboration and managed prediction serving.

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50+ years of experience in building software and AI solutions

Photograph of Eero Laaksonen Photograph of Eero Laaksonen
Eero Laaksonen
+358 41 503 7022
Photograph of Toni Perämäki Photograph of Toni Perämäki
Toni Perämäki
+1 (650) 614 1687
COO / Business (USA)
Photograph of Otso Rasimus Photograph of Otso Rasimus
Otso Rasimus
+358 45 650 2004
Business (Europe)
Photograph of Fredrik Rönnlund Photograph of Fredrik Rönnlund
Fredrik Rönnlund
+358 40 030 0381
Photograph of Joanna Purosto Photograph of Joanna Purosto
Joanna Purosto
+358 40 577 6860
Photograph of Aarni Koskela Photograph of Aarni Koskela
Aarni Koskela
CTO / Development
Photograph of Ruksi Laine Photograph of Ruksi Laine
Ruksi Laine
Machine Learning
Photograph of Juha Kiili Photograph of Juha Kiili
Juha Kiili
Senior Software Developer
Photograph of You? Photograph of You?
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Skillup had machine learning version control from the beginning
Real world example of deep learning: Sexual abuse material detection

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