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We are empowering developers to take humanity to the future faster.

Number one machine learning platform

Our vision is to become the company to rely on for machine learning projects by providing a digital space where developers and researchers can run, iterate, and collaborate on machine learning experiments and solutions.

Valohai focuses on empowering data science professionals by maintaining tool-agnostic machine infrastructure, making experiments reproducible, encouraging sharing, reducing manual labor, and keeping everything cost-efficient.

Our team brings together 50+ years of experience in building software and AI applications.

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Eero Laaksonen
+358 41 503 7022
Photograph of Toni Perämäki
Toni Perämäki
+1 (650) 614 1687
COO / Business (USA)
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Otso Rasimus
+358 45 650 2004
Business (Europe)
Photograph of Aarni Koskela
Aarni Koskela
CTO / Development
Photograph of Ruksi Laine
Ruksi Laine
Machine Learning
Photograph of Joanna Purosto
Joanna Purosto
Photograph of You?
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How data scientists are changing nature conservation with deep learning
Urban waterways: The next generation of autonomous transportation

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