End-to-End MLOps

The Valohai Platform

Valohai is an end-to-end MLOps platform for machine learning and deep learning. The platform provides everything you need to take your machine learning projects from POC to production.

Valohai end-to-end platform

With Valohai, you can build machine learning pipelines that automate everything from data extraction to model deployment and monitoring. Best of all, everything on the platform is automatically versioned and shareable.

What’s in the Box?

Managed machine learning infrastructure

Managed Machine Learning Infrastructure

Concentrate on Models, Code, and Data. The Valohai Platform allows you to easily run any code on the powerful cloud machines with a single click (UI) or a single command (CLI & API).

Valohai can be set up on any cloud vendor or on-premise setup to automatically orchestrate machines so you don’t need to worry about spinning up and shutting down costly resources.

Machine Learning Pipelines

Train, Evaluate, Deploy, Repeat. Valohai’s streamlined machine learning pipeline ensures that steps integrate together, regardless of who wrote the code.

Combine Jupyter notebooks with datasets from Spark, augment your image data with Unity, automatically train 100 different models and deploy the best one – without touching a button. Pipelines can be integrated any existing systems through the API and pipelines can be triggered to retrain models whenever needed.

Machine learning pipelines
Model deployment

Model Deployment and Monitoring

Deploy on Kubernetes – Without Knowing Kubernetes. With Valohai, you can either manually or in a pipeline deploy models for production use.

No need to know how clusters work or what Kubernetes is – as a data scientist you just pick your code and model and Valohai will give you an HTTP endpoint you can use. You can also deploy several versions of the same model and monitor your performance metrics for easy A/B testing.

Versioning for Machine Learning

Knowledge Stored and Shared Automatically. Complete version control is the only way to achieve reproducibility and regulatory compliance. Valohai tracks every asset from code and data to logs and hyperparameters, and for every model, you can see the full lineage of how it was trained.

Everything you do in the Valohai platform can be shared with your team, and you won’t have the need to maintain separate model registries or metadata stores.

Hyperparameters search in parallel on any amount of cloud hardware you need

What Valohai Users Are Saying

Thilo Huellmann
Even with all the ready-made pieces, we could use to build our solution, it just becomes an unreasonable budget and resourcing request to build and maintain our own custom MLOps solution.
Thilo Huellmann – CTO & Co-Founder at Levity
David Wang
Valohai is a super stable environment for using computing resources and thanks to it none of us need to compete about resources internally anymore.
David Wang – Data Scientist, Two Hat Security
Ari Rouvinen
Thanks to Valohai, there is a clear process. My features, predictions, metrics and models are always stored automatically, and the platform helps me to communicate the results and iterate.
Ari Rouvinen – Head of Data, Skillup
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Try Out Valohai – Commitment Free


What’s a POC?

We offer a two week proof-of-concept project that includes the setup, onboarding, and implementation of your first Valohai project. Valohai is not just the best MLOps platform on the market but also a strategic partner in productizing your machine learning capabilities.

What’s included

  • Free set up on your own environment, either by us or by you with our help
  • Hands-on implementation support for your first Valohai project
  • Shared success criteria and catch up calls with your team
  • Free support and access to a library of self-service materials

What’s required

  • A real use-case to implement on Valohai
  • Committed time and resources for the trial period