Introducing Minihai – Easiest way to run notebooks remotely.

Henrik Skogström / September 15, 2020

Imagine this; you are working on a notebook that takes ages to run, and it bogs down your computer, so it's even hard to multitask. We've seen this countless times, which is why we are introducing Minihai .

Minihai is an open-source application for running notebooks remotely without leaving your local Jupyter notebook. We think Minihai is a gamechanger because it's the simplest way to speed up that code, run, and review -cycle. And by simplest, we mean that it doesn't replace your Jupyter notebook – it just supercharges it.

To use Minihai, you setup Minihai on a server that suits your needs (for example, AWS xxx), and install a simple plugin to your Jupyter notebook that adds a ' Run remote ' button. Now any executions that would take longer to finish on your laptop can be run on the server. You can find the more detailed instructions here:


Credit to xkcd, #303 Compiling

Waiting for your notebook to finish isn't unlike developers waiting for code to compile. It's a great excuse when you feel like slacking off but way more infuriating when you feel productive.

When Run takes more than 5 minutes, you’ll want to Run remote instead.

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