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The infrastructure stack for machine learning development

Renaud Allioux, PreligensPreligens

Building a barebones infrastructure layer for our use case would have taken months, and that would just have been the beginning.

Renaud Allioux, CTO & Co-Founder

Preligens has a team of over 50 experts developing models for identifying strategic assets from satellite images.

Andres Hernandez, KONUXKONUX

Large-scale experimentation tends to be tricky because you’ll need to manage cloud resources, and mistakes can be quite costly. With Valohai, though, that stress is gone.

Andres Hernandez, Lead Data Scientist

KONUX builds models for predictive maintenance used by railway operators across the world.

Thilo Huellmann, LevityLevity

Even with all the ready-made pieces we could use to build our solution, it just becomes an unreasonable to build and maintain our own custom MLOps solution.

Thilo Huellmann, CTO & Co-Founder

Levity enables people to automate their manual workflows through no-code AI.

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Practical MLOps

All about production machine learning.

State of MLOps report


State of MLOps 2021

All about production machine learning.



All about production machine learning.

Managed machine learning infrastructure

Developer-First MLOps

You don’t need to bridge the gap between ML and Ops when every model and pipeline runs on Valohai.

Our platform brings powerful cloud infrastructure to every data scientist and ML engineer and unlocks their full creativity in building machine learning solutions.

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Power tools for power users

Machine Orchestration

Machine Orchestration

Use cloud CPUs and GPUs for ML without worrying about infrastructure.

Automatic Version Control

Automatic Version Control

Store every single model, experiment and artifact automatically.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

Automate everything from data extraction to model deployment.

Team Management

Team Management

Collaborate and share experiments and pipelines with colleagues.



Integrate and automate workflows with the Valohai open API.

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Hybrid and Multi Cloud

Easily orchestrate any combination of cloud and on-premise hardware.

Integrates with these and many more.


Runs on but not limited to.

Google Cloud Platform

It’s no secret; trailblazers use Valohai to build and deploy machine learning solutions that are changing the world.


Leading the way in predictive maintenance for railways.


Helping farmers worldwide with crop science.


Building the best robotic pool cleaners in the world.


Empowering developers to ship code more efficiently.


Pioneering AI technology for a safer world.


Developing digital solutions in dermatology.


Making biomedical data usable and findable.


Helping AI companies make most of their data.


Making maritime fleets greener and more efficient.

Sharper Shape

Monitoring power lines with drones and aerial sensors.


Teaching 20 million kids and adults to play music.


Shaping the future of human-machine interaction.


Creating powerful workflows with no-code AI.


Bringing the world of big data to your fingertips.


Making international finance and taxation seamless.

Here’s why they choose Valohai.

Managed MLOps

Centralize All ML Resources

Valohai democratizes the access to experiments, models, metrics and compute.

Integrate anywhere

Build, Deploy, Automate

Having experimentation and productization on the same platform makes it easy to ship ML.

Teamwork boosters

Integrate with Everything Else

Every production system is different which is why Valohai can integrate with any system.

AI trailblazers cover

Case Studies

How AI Trailblazers Implement MLOps

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Magdalena Stenius / May 23, 2022

What started as a fun side project for our developer Magda turned out to be a proud addition to the platform. Valohai can now estimate the carbon emissions of cloud instances. Yay!

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Almost any programming language in the world is more powerful than the command line. Why would you even bother doing anything on it? Don't be fooled: the modern command line is rocking like never before!

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Is online inference causing your gray hair?

Viktoriya Kuzina / May 09, 2022

Suppose you find your projects to be in the gray area between the extremes of delayed and real-time inference where you can go with either one, ask yourself if you can delay. And if you can, you should!

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MLOps for IoT and Edge

Henrik Skogström / April 26, 2022

There's a new wave of automation being enabled by the combination of machine learning and smart devices. With the complexity of use cases and amount of devices increasing, we'll have to adopt MLOps practices designed for IoT and edge.

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