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Patch Note 2018-07-25

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Summer is in full force here in beautiful Turku, Finland, but we're not letting that deter us from making the platform better! Here's what we've been up to…

Frontend/API Updates

  • The metadata chart view has been taught to merge data points based on the X axis key.

    • You can now print multiple metadatum entries with the same key and still have a readable chart.
  • The message view in the UI was cleaned up and prettified.

    • You know that thing that pops up from the top of the page when something happens? Well, it's a lot prettier and more useful now!
    • Also, no more bare "Failed" messages – we went through all messages with a fine comb to have them actually tell you what exactly was being attempted!
  • You can now use {parameter:...} and {parameter-value:...} in commands.

    • If you need to only pass a single parameter, or maybe export a parameter value as an environment value, now you can! export HELLO={parameter-value:hello}!
  • You can now review a given commit's configuration in the UI.

    • The commit hash in the execution detail view is now a link.
  • Deployment: SCRIPT_PREFIX is now exposed to your code.

    • If your deployed endpoint's URL is e.g., the SCRIPT_PREFIX environment variable will be populated with the value This is useful for making any auxiliary URL routing you might have agnostic to deployment name and version.
    • If your framework is already aware of this environment variable (e.g. Django is), you might not need to do anything. If it's not, simply strip SCRIPT_PREFIX off the request path if it starts with the prefix.
  • Billing: now available in EUR too!

    • You can now request billing to occur in EUR to save on any possible conversion fees. Your invoices will also be EUR-valued from there on out, which, we've found, placates quite a few bookkeeper types here in the old world.
    • To have billing occur in EUR, please contact us using the in-app support system.
  • Executions and Tasks can now be given titles.

    • You can give a custom title to both executions and tasks, up to 100 characters (or emoji 😻). This is also available via the API, of course. Support in the CLI tool will be added soon.
  • The environment selection box was given a facelift.

    • Now you can see which cloud an execution environment is in, as well as details about the price and the capabilities of the environment.

    New environment select box

  • Stderr events are no longer printed in red.

    • They're a much more readable (not to mention more zen, according to our spiritual consultants) yellow now.
  • Repositories no longer strictly require a valohai.yaml file.

    • A configuration file is still recommended.

Task Runner Updates

The internal task runner (codenamed Peon), was also taught a trick or two.

  • Feature: Downloading large inputs now has a meaningful progress meter.
  • Feature: The Valohai execution ID is now available as the VH_JOB_ID environment variable.
  • Feature: The amount of available scratch space on the executor machine is logged at the start of the execution.
  • Feature: The canonical image ID for the Docker image being used is now printed at the start of the execution. In particular, this is a Docker RepoDigest, if one is available.
  • Feature: Downloaded inputs are now directly mounted into the container. This makes using cached inputs a lot faster. As a side-effect, this means they're always actually read-only.
  • Bugfix: On occasion, containers that ran into certain out-of-memory situations (which we call "Sudden Container Existence Failure") were not properly reaped and would appear to be running, even if they really weren't. This was fixed by adding a separate house-trained watchdog.
  • Bugfix: EC2 will (probably) no longer scale instances down while they're initializing an execution.
  • Bugfix: Interrupted input downloads will no longer corrupt caches.

Valohai-CLI Updates

The CLI tool valohai-cli was also updated to version 0.7.

  • Feature: You can now use latest in place of most execution counter values, to refer to the latest execution created.
  • Feature: The YAML wizard now loads image suggestions from the valohai/images repository.
  • Feature: Input and parameter names containing spaces can now be used – an input named "test images" would be --test-images.
  • Feature: Input and parameter names are now spell-checked (at least slightly). No more referring to the YAML file if you miss a hyphen or mistype something!
  • Bugfix: The CLI no longer crashes when used with a newer version of Git (which has changed spellings of certain error messages).