Patch Notes

Patch Note 2018-08-20

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New features

ACME, now with deep-learning ten ton anvils

  • Organizations (beta) are now available!
    • You can create an organization in the My Profile view.
    • Organizations help consolidate access control and billing for companies with many people.
    • If you need help setting up an organization, please let us know!
  • The invoice and billing experience (if you can call it an experience) was improved.
    • You can now set your billing address and VAT code, if that sort of thing is required by your accountants.
    • Invoice documents now also look significantly better and contain supplier information.
    • You can also download invoices as HTML now, in addition to PDFs.
  • Tiny little quality of life fixes, too!
    • Projects can now be transferred to other users or organizations.
    • Datum Browser: a popover for copying the datum URL (datum://...) was added; you'll need this to use datums as inputs in the API and CLI.
    • Execution tables can now be filtered by status. No more hunting for that single elusive failed execution among thousands of successes!
    • Ever wondered why your parameter tweaks didn't seem to have any effect at all? So have we! A warning is now shown in the create execution view if a step has parameters but the {parameters} placeholder is not present in the command line.


  • The Create Execution view now (again) chooses the newest commit by default.