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Patch Note 2018-09-05

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New features

  • Built-in environment variable support.

    • You can manage execution environment variables in the Create Execution view.
    • Previously you needed to use export in execution commands to set environment variables. This is still supported.
    • You can also define environment variables on project settings and have them be inherited into individual executions.
    • Project-level environment variables can be marked "secret". Secret environment variable values are hidden on the UI and API, although you can read them during the execution like usual. This is useful for e.g. authentication keys.
  • Descriptions for step inputs.

    • Sometimes you want to record more details about expectations for input files and such; now you can!
    • You define input descriptions in YAML files like you can already do with parameters.
  • Improved layout for Create Execution and Create Task views.

    • We aim to make the web interface clearer and more intuitive.
    • The single most significant improvement is using collapsing panels to divide the evergrowing form into bite-sized pieces.
    • The button used to add more files to an individual input has been made less prominent, so people wouldn't accidentally click it.

Create execution page now has slick new look


  • Scaling logic has been improved for the cluster with low utilization.
    • This won't affect most of the users and you can still expect sub-second queue times in most of the cases.