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Patch note

October 10, 2018

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New features

  • Expanded execution tagging system.
  • Tags and title will now be copied when you copy an execution.
  • Allow setting execution title and tags when creating an execution. No need to edit it afterwards.
  • If you specify tags for a task, the tags will be propagated down to the executions.
  • Improved execution Docker image selection.
  • When you select the Docker image field in your browser, you are greeted by a list of common Docker images.
  • Listing also includes previously used images in the project.
  • Other improvements.
  • Remove 5 API token limit.
  • Better looking HTTP request errors on the web application.
  • API users can now refer to a project based on the owner-name/project-name syntax as an alternative to the project UUID, e.g. you can use /api/v0/projects/myusername/myprojectname/ instead of /api/v0/projects/4F1219F0-B5E2-4B59-84CD-F3211EE6A816/. Docker image selection suggestions


  • Metadata charts now properly show zero values. They would've been hidden in certain cases.