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Patch Note 2018-11-02

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New features

  • You can now change your username.
  • Random values in the parameter space can now be generated for hyperparameter optimization (Tasks). You can choose between an uniform distribution, or a truncated standard normal distribution.
  • The Create Execution/Create Task view was taught some new tricks:
    • Fields whose value has been customized from the default as set in the valohai.yaml file are now marked with a wrench.
    • You can now revert back to the YAML defaults (or the execution you may be copying) with the click of a button.
    • Last but definitely not least, changing the commit will no longer reset all changes you've made (but you can use the Revert button to do that).
    • Number inputs in these views have been taught to behave correctly; they were rather unruly before. Invalid inputs in fields that expect numbers will highlight the field in yellow.

New Create Execution Features


  • Tasks can now be created without having to input every optional parameter by hand.
  • Execution and task creation that uses S3 URLs has been sped up.