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Patch Note 2018-11-19

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New features

  • Two-factor authentication with TOTP is now supported. You can set up TOTP (and backup codes) over at My Profile > Authentication.
  • On a similar note, you can also see your current user sessions in My Profile > Authentication >Sessions.
  • The Notes feature now also works for Tasks, not just Executions.
  • Organization admins can now allow certain members of Teams to administer projects' repositories, etc. just like a project owner can. The only thing Project Administrators in teams can't do is delete or transfer the project. You can set up project administrators in the team detail view.
  • Environment scaling was improved to be more responsive. This means your executions will start faster in high load situations.
  • The Metadata Chart view was given a new, more concise UI for axis selection. This was done to allow for long metadata labels to show properly.

Metadata chart with long metadata key names


  • Some bugs regarding logging NaN and undefined metadata values were fixed.
  • Random parameter optimization was fixed to actually work in all situations.