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Patch Note 2018-12-27

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New features

  • Superpowered metadata views

    • The metadata tab in the Execution view got a couple new controls to allow you to adjust the scales of the charted data. However, that's not all…
    • You can now also compare the metadata of multiple executions within a task with the new Metadata tab in the Task view!
  • OpenStack Swift support

    • OpenStack Swift data stores are now supported, just like S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage are!
    • Since there are many ways in which your OpenStack administrators may have configured your installation, if you have problems configuring your Swift store, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Swift store on data stores page
  • URI resolution support for Azure, Google, and Swift

    • You can now use "native" URIs to refer to files within configured private Azure, Google and Swift storages. Support for S3 was pre-existing, but for clarity's sake, the URI syntaxes are all listed below.
      • Azure: azure://{account}/{container}/{key}
      • Google Storage: gs://{bucket}/{key}
      • Swift: swift://{project}/{container}/{key}
      • S3: s3://{bucket}/{key}
  • Wildcard URI support for S3, Azure, Google, and Swift

    • Not only can you use the above URI syntax to refer to single files, but you can finally also use wildcards within execution/task input expressions!
      The wildcard syntax supported is familiar from UNIX shells:
      • * matches any string except / (e.g. s3://my-bucket/dataset/images/*.jpg)
      • ** matches any string, including /, so it traverses subdirectories
      • ? matches any single character except /
      • [a-z] matches any character within the given range.
    • Matching is limited to at most 10,000 files, and wildcard expressions are expanded during execution creation time.
    • If you need additional syntax we haven't thought of yet, we'd love to hear about it!
  • Scaling fixes

    • Faster scaling
    • More aggressive downscaling in private clouds
  • Minor polish

    • Very long column names are now shown a little nicer in tables
    • All parameter or metadata columns in the execution table can now be toggled on or off with a single click
    • The event API (and log view) was given a nice speed boost.
  • Our task runner learned some new tricks!

    • The amount of available disk space on the machine your job is running on is now printed out.
    • Uploads to Swift are now supported.
    • Sensitive parameters are stripped out of input URLs.
    • Subsequent runs using the same image start a little faster.


  • Git SSH URLs with custom port numbers now work as documented. Oops!
  • Non-secret environment variables couldn't be turned secret. Now they can!
  • Input downloads are retried up to five times.
  • Out-of-memory problems within the task runner are a little less likely due to better housekeeping.