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Patch Note 2019-01-14

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New features

  • Style refresh!
    • For the new year, we gave the look of the application a little refresh and polish.
    • Some views may look a little funky, since there're just so many features we may not have remembered to check all of them. If something's broken, please let us know!
      (For the webdev-minded among you, we upgraded from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.)
  • Metadata chart improvements – Building on the new superpowered metadata chart from our last update…
    • You can hover over a dataset to highlight it in the chart.
      Metadata highlight
    • You can again use a single shared Y axis for all series.
  • Private Cloud Dashboard
    • If you're one of the lucky organizations who use custom clouds with Valohai, you can now manage the scale factors via your Organization dashboard.
    • (If you'd like to run in a custom cloud, please contact our sales or support!)
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • When looking at the details for an execution that uses uploaded data (datum:// URLs), we now fetch the details of that datum for you.
      Better datum view
    • You can now revert a single changed field within the Create Execution view, not only all of them at once.
    • We now prevent you from attempting to use an SSH private key with an HTTPS repository URL – that would never work anyway.
    • When editing custom data stores, you no longer have to re-enter all of the secret keys.


  • Metadata chart bugfixes – all that [Chemical X][cx] added to the metadata chart caused a problem or two, which are now fixed:
    • New data no longer resets the chart's filtering.
    • The Execution metadata tab didn't always load correctly. Now it does.
  • Usage/Billing view
    • The Usage view now only counts finished executions.
    • The Billing view's USD bill estimate is no longer only zero.
    • Organization members can now see the usage information for projects they can access in their organization.