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Patch note

February 20, 2019

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It's been a month since our last update! Time flies when you're busy building so many lovely things…

New features

  • Tasks can now be copied like executions can.

  • For tasks created before 2018-10, parameters are not fully copied though – sorry about that!

  • The execution table views gained new powers.

  • Executions can now be stopped and deleted en masse in the execution table views.

  • The execution environment is now an optionally visible column in the tables.

  • You can now filter executions by step name. Applying actions to multiple executions at once.

  • The metadata charts also got better!

  • You can now choose to use a logarithmic scale for Y axes.

  • Your chart settings are remembered (on your device) per-project.

  • You can now easily view the latest values for each metadata value in a single table. Share Y-axis.

  • Team member privileges within organizations were slightly overhauled.

  • Team members can now create new projects within the teams they're members of.

  • Team members can now configure the projects they're members of.

  • All organization members can now see projects which are not assigned to any team.

  • OpenSSH format keys are now supported for Git SSH authentication.

  • Until now, we only supported the old PEM format. OpenSSH 7.8, released in August 2018, defaults to the new OpenSSH format.

  • This support is powered by our open source openssh-key library.

  • You now get $10 worth of extra credit when adding a credit card to your personal account.


  • Optional parameters now work correctly when copying executions.
  • Lapsed GitHub app authentications can now be reinstated.
  • Optional parameters being unset no longer cause a very large apparent number of executions for tasks.
  • Flag-type parameters work much better than before.