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Patch Note 2019-02-27

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New features

  • Executions and tasks can now be re-titled in the list views. Editing execution titles

  • Execution/task inputs can now be edited as text, making it easy to paste in many URLs.

  • You can now easily navigate to a project's repository's page on GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket. Public URL

  • Deployment traceability was improved.

    • Responses from models deployed with the Valohai deployment system will now contain an x-vh-deployment-id HTTP header.
    • A valohai-metadata.json file that contains as much of the "lineage" of the endpoint is now packaged into the deployed image. (It is up to the serving code to expose it or parts thereof, as it may contain potentially sensitive information.)


  • Copying executions that had optional parameters now really works.
  • Minor graphical glitches were fixed.