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Patch Note 2019-03-07

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New features

  • Tasks can now be deleted like executions can.
  • Executions can now be filtered based on the content of their notes.
  • Support was added for OpenStack v2 authentication and Swift setups without regions. Deleting project tasks
  • You can now set the region for custom S3 buckets.


  • Projects' Default Environment setting is now honored when no environment is passed via the API.
  • Some UI glitches and ugliness was fixed, especially around the deployment feature.
  • Deleting projects now frees up their names for future reuse.

Valohai-CLI 0.8.0

In addition, there's a brand new version of the Valohai-CLI command line client.

Improvements and bugfixes since the last version (0.7.0, released in July) include:

  • Feature: vh exec run allows --var/-v KEY=VALUE ... for environment variables
  • Feature: vh exec run can be run from non-git directories now
  • Feature: It's now possible to title executions using --title
  • Feature: Linting has been improved
  • Feature: Multiple files per input are now supported
  • Feature: Stderr has been colored yellow instead of angry red
  • Bugfix: Ad-hoc packaging now happens only after parameters are validated, to save time
  • Bugfix: Files that don't exist (e.g. indexed in git but not on disk) aren't packaged
  • Bugfix: Input and parameter names with dots etc. now work
  • Bugfix: Watch does not crash if a single fetch temporarily fails

You can upgrade using pip install -U valohai-cli, though the instructions may vary depending on how you've installed the CLI in the first place.

Other changes

  • Network access is no longer available within executions for non-paid users, to cut down on abuse. You can still download and upload files using the inputs/outputs system, though!