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Patch Note 2019-03-21

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New features

  • Private Docker images are now supported.

    • You can now set up authentication for accessing private Docker images from various registries.
    • Support currently exists for "traditional" docker loginable registries. This includes e.g. Docker Hub, Gitlab, NVIDIA NGC.
    • Support for Azure, AWS and Google registries is planned, so please contact us if you need this feature ;) You can add private Docker registries under organization settings.
  • You can now compare the metadata of any number of arbitrary executions.

    • Simply select the executions in the list view and choose "Compare" in the toolbar.
  • Private cloud instances can now be directly administered.

    • If you are an enterprise user with a configured private EC2 cloud, you can now directly terminate Valohai-managed instances from within the application.


  • S3 region setting now works correctly.
    • It didn't do so before in all cases.
  • The Execution view was calmed down a bit.
    • In some cases, the execution view could refresh data from the server a little too over-zealously, causing degraded performance. This has been fixed.
  • Very long datum names are now supported.
    • The internal limit for datum names is now four times as long (512 characters).