Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-04-09

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New features

  • Tutorial

    • There's a brand new tutorial for first-time users!
  • Commit view improvements

    • The commit information view, accessible via the Execution Detail view, now shows much more information than before.
    • Commit contents can now be downloaded (even for ad-hoc commits!). This can also be found in the commit information view.
    • Last but not least, the commit view now also has a link to the VCS provider's view for the same commit, if it is available. GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket are currently supported.
  • Commit API improvements

    • The commit API now allows posting a description with ad-hoc commits.
    • The commit API now allows querying commits by identifier.
    • Commits are now limited to 1000 MB (and a warning is shown if a commit is over 100 MB in size). You should not store large files in Git in the first place – use inputs instead!
  • Other niceness

    • Default environment variables specified in the YAML file are now respected by the Create Execution UI.
    • The Execution Creation API now honors the default environment type specified in the YAML file.
    • ED25519 SSH keys are now supported. Super secure, super elliptic!
    • The Create Execution / Create Task view got a gentle coat of our best UX polish.
      In addition, some T's were dotted and I's crossed, or the other way around, maybe.
    • The project dropdown menu now shows the organization name owning the project.
    • Numbers and booleans are now formatted much better in the execution and task list views.


  • Numeric values (e.g. for metadata or parameters) are now finally sorted correctly in list views.
  • When you're a member of a team, the Create Project view no longer defaults to an arbitrary team.
  • The metadata chart's legend has been shoved below the chart itself, so comparing very many executions no more squashes the chart into an unreadable one-dimensional abomination.
  • Some SSH keys that previously mysteriously failed to work should now work better.