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April 30, 2019

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Platform changes

New features

  • nvidia-docker 2 is now used as the runtime engine. This allows using images built on more recent CUDA setups, such as the official Tensorflow 1.13 images.
  • S3 inputs are much faster to resolve.
  • Enterprise users with custom environments can now set the grace period after which servers can be scaled down. It defaults to 15 minutes.
  • When available, the original creation and modification times of Datums are now acquired from workers.
  • When enough memory is available, /tmp is now a tmpfs (RAM disk) on agent machines by default. You can explicitly enable or disable this per-execution by setting the VH_TMPFS environment variable to 0 or 1.
  • Carriage Return (\r) characters are now better supported by the execution agent, so progress bars such as those emitted by the popular tqdm module should work much better.
  • Projects' queued/started execution counts are now shown in the dashboard. We show more stats on the home dashboard.


  • Docker image formats are now validated.
  • Multiple input defaults are now supported in the UI.
  • The job running agent won't attempt to download all inputs in parallel anymore.
  • Input files are cached for a longer time.
  • Jobs should finish faster, since less redundant information is saved.
  • The agent software will now consider 301 Redirects without a Location header erroneous. (This mainly concerns S3 URLs with an invalid addressing scheme.)

Valohai-CLI 0.9.0

A new version of the CLI tool was also released with a lot of new features and quality-of-life improvements.

New features

Build your own Valohai integrations using our API driver mode.

  • You can now use Valohai-CLI without a linked project aka. API driver mode.
  • A new --sync flag was added to sync/download execution outputs as they come in.
  • You can now see the GPU available in an environment with vh env --gpu.
  • Ad-hoc commit management was improved.
    • Attempt to git describe when packaging ad-hoc commits
    • Add validation of ad-hoc package and file sizes
    • Check whether we already know a particular adhoc commit to avoid reuploading it
  • Errors from the API are now formatted in a more human-readable way.
  • Python 2 support is being dropped due to its end-of-life approaching.


  • Watch mode does not crash fatally when there are connection blips.
  • Looking up the newest commit now works properly.
  • Logging in asks for your password once only.

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