Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-05-22

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Platform changes

New features

  • Support for enormous amounts of execution output files.

    • Previously the web application could become slow for your project if you produced thousands of outputs per execution.
    • The new approach we take to loading outputs in chunks makes it possible to manage virtually any number of output files.
  • Read-only and write-only data stores.

    • Previously Valohai stores required read and write permissions to your cloud provider storage.
    • Now you can define data stores as write-only or read-only e.g. to limit that some specific storage should't be uploaded to in any circumstances. Both store configurations still require the permission to list files to avoid overwrites.
  • A lot of usability improvements e.g. making Project delete and transfer buttons more distinct from each other.


  • File browser layout won't break if the filename is of epic length.
  • Execution table filtering won't forget what step was specified if you reopen it.
  • You can now edit OpenStack Swift data store details without re-specifying Temp URL Key.