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Patch Note

June 20, 2019

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New features

  • Metadata comparison view: Because it's kinda convenient to actually see which of the executions is actually performing as well as it is, you can now click through to executions in the chart. The previous action, hide the series, is now available via alt-click. Click metadata chart executions to navigate to them.

  • Execution creation view: Did you know you can set a description for steps in your Valohai.yaml file? Well, you can, and now we actually show it too! Useful for knowledge sharing in your teams. You can show and hide step descriptions when creating executions.

  • API: When creating an execution or a task via the API, we now derive all parameters from the step configuration.
  • Executions table now shows the task an execution belongs to, and you can click through to it. Very convenient!
  • Deployment: You can now see a list of enabled endpoints for an alias, with the appropriate aliased endpoint URLs.
  • When clicking through to an execution's commit, you can now get back to the same execution without having to reach for your browser's Back button.
  • The job executor now populates a new /valohai/config folder with information about the parameters, metadata and inputs for the execution in both YAML and JSON format. Full documentation for the formats and schemata of the files is forthcoming. Keep an eye on our docs! 👀
  • The job executor now posts information about the files it downloads back to the application. This information is not yet visible, not even through the API, but it's one more step for total transparency and repeatability!


  • UI: the project description is no longer shown in italic, because it's annoying to read long passages of italicized text.
  • UI: The environment possibly preconfigured for a step is now honored in the execution view.
  • UI: The execution table's paging is now reset when you change filtering options.
  • API: The execution list API was made a little faster. The bug, of course, was that it was slow.
  • API: When creating a task, the title you set is no longer propagated to the executions but stays where it's supposed to, in the task.
  • Data handling: The S3 integration was taught to not try and download folders as files, as that's a very silly thing to attempt.

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