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Patch Note

July 8, 2019

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New features

  • For private data stores, you can now see the store-specific URI (e.g. s3://...) for a datum in the datum browser alongside the Valohai-specific datum:// URI. You can find the data store location of files in datum browser.

  • Running execution durations are now shown in the execution list. Runtime durations shown on the execution lists are estimates.

  • Executor identities (i.e. the name of the machine running the execution) are now visible in the API and the execution detail view. This is meant for debugging private worker environments. You can see on which physical machine your code is running.

  • You can now use {hernekeitto,teline} style alternation when using wildcards with custom data stores. That is, s3://foo/bar/*.{hdr,dat} will match all .hdr and .dat files within that prefix.

  • Our icon set was given a gentle refresh.


  • Deployments will now be owned by (and thus manageable by) the project's owner, not the user creating them.
  • The Execution List API was made faster still, but at the (temporary) expense of not necessarily always showing all of the oldest metadata.

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