Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-08-05

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New platform features

  • Jupyter .ipynb notebooks are now previewable within the datum browser, powered by a bunch of neat components written by the clever people at

  • Execution output checksums (MD5/SHA1/SHA256) are now stored if they are uploaded by the execution agent. They, too, are now available via the API.

  • Deployment endpoint logs are now viewable via the UI (and naturally the API too). Valohai deployment now shows container logs for debugging.

New CLI features

Rejoice! Valohai-CLI 0.10 was released. Upgrade at your pleasure with pip install -U valohai-cli

  • Feature: Add support for --parameter-file
  • Feature: Fall back to non-git packaging if git ls-files fails
  • Feature: Format human-readable tables better
  • Feature: Group parameter/input/regular options in exec run help output
  • Feature: Init: Mention Docker Hub in the Docker image choice phase
  • Feature: Make --output-format=json more robust
  • Feature: Make it possible to not create or link a project during init
  • Feature: Output status messages to stderr
  • Bugfix: Make vh exec list show the newest executions, not the oldest ones
  • Bugfix: Read environment variable default values correctly from config


  • The Commit Detail view looked a little wonky at times. It has been unwonked.
  • The Latest Metadata view now uses cumulative metadata as basis data. Previously, if you had over two thousand metadata events, only the last, well, two thousand were used to compute that latest metadata.
  • That Test button in the deployment version detail view now actually works again.