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Patch Note 2019-09-03

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It's been a while, but this update's a big 'un!

New features

  • Pipelines are now in open beta! See the docs here, kick the tires, and as always, if you need help, we're reachable over chat, email, snail mail, smoke signals, etc.! #putthisinyourpipeline
  • API call templates for execution, task and pipeline creation can now be viewed right in the creation views. #apidriven
  • In addition to the Jupyter notebook preview implemented last month, .txt, .md and .json files can now also be previewed right within the app. #xrayspecs
  • The heritage of executions and data can now be viewed in an all-new graph view. Look for Trace buttons! #directedacycliccrew You can now preview Jupyter notebooks on Valohai.
  • You've been able to chart metadata values over time for a while now – but now you can also compare parameter and (final) metadata values across a bunch of executions in a scatter chart. This is super duper useful to figure out #winning hyperparameters, for instance. You can now preview Jupyter notebooks on Valohai.


  • Some overly religious iconography was toned down. Turns out "cross" can mean two things, who knew… #fontawesome
  • Free-tier users weren't able to view the API docs. Oops! #insertcoin
  • Clicking the revert buttons in certain views caused the page to scroll all the way up, which could be rather aggravating. That shall happen nevermore! #noscrollcrew
  • The tutorial was fixed to actually work where it should have – and you can now also quit the tutorial at any point if you're an expert. #imanexpert
  • Posting invalid JSON to the API will now let you know exactly what was the problem, not just an opaque "error 500". #parseparsebaby
  • Datum preview is now much more robust and doesn't require fiddling with CORS. #corsnomore
  • Metadata chart views were made faster, especially in the case of tons of executions to compare. #speedboost
  • Some overly snug popovers were given a bit of white-space padding. #airitout
  • Execution tables were slimmed out a bit, so you can see more data when you need to. #airitin
  • You can now debug erroneous HTTP responses (status >= 400) in the Deployment Tester. #oops
  • The metadata line chart legend works once more.
  • The task list API was made much faster. #speedboost (Hey, didn't I use that hashtag already?)