Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-10-03

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New features

  • The execution logs can now show event times in your local time zone. No need to do UTC conversion in your head anymore! Logs can be show in UTC or local time.
  • Executions can now be copied into tasks.
  • The Trace view behaves better and also now has a Back button.
  • Tasks and pipelines can be deleted.
  • The table column selection dropdown gained a scrollbar – and a filter bar too! Filtering execution table columns by name.


  • The Task view was told to be more careful about updating data. That is, it's now faster and uses less bandwidth.
  • Events can now be retrieved for executions in disabled environments too.
  • The tutorial behaves better these days.
  • Tasks now honor the project default environment setting.
  • Broken pipeline configurations no longer cause a full UI whiteout.