Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-10-29

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New features

  • Executions can now be hard stopped; this will prevent them from uploading outputs, if they're still busy with that. Executions can now be hard stopped.

  • The obtrusive button to expand a metadata chart is no longer there – instead, simply double-click the chart to expand it.

  • You can now see banner messages from earlier page loads, so no more wondering what that fleeting little notification was.

New features (Jupyhai)

  • Pre-execution logs for packaging process and errors:

  • Ability to control execution contents by ignoring file/folder patterns. Contents can be ignored now.

  • The package contents is decoupled from notebook path. All files and folders are always included now.

  • The valohai/jupyhai Docker image (or any image based on it) can now be used for cloud execution, too.

  • Downloading execution logs is made asynchronous for faster fetching.


  • Extraneous Intercom popovers were banished.
  • Some metadata values not supported in JSON are now simply stringified, so they, you know, work.
  • Stripe payments were made SCA compliant. Thanks, legislation!
  • Extra super hyper long status logs no longer bog everything down.
  • Multiple deployments per project should work more reliably.
  • Free licenses no longer show execution sorting buttons that would do nothing.
  • Random and logspace search can now be used with integer parameters.
  • The file limit for wildcard inputs was made more concrete; no more quiet truncation!
  • Help regarding pipelines was added to the freshly no-longer-beta pipelines feature.
  • Commits with empty or stepless configurations can now be fetched.
  • Pipeline deletion now works like execution deletion does.

Bugfixes (Jupyhai)

  • Browser session with different Valohai user than in Jupyhai no longer causes problems.