Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-11-11

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New features

  • A bunch of small usability papercuts were fixed!
    • When choosing an input datum, the list is prepopulated with the latest data even if you don't search for anything.
    • Environments' slugs (short names) are now visible in the selection dropdown. You'll need them for the CLI or API.
    • When clicking the Fetch button while creating a deployment, the commit list is now automagically updated, as it is on other views.
    • Creating data stores was made a little more tolerant regarding the names of the stores.
    • The User menu on the top right loads asynchronously, making things a little snappier. Also, if you're an administrator of organizations, the organizations will also neatly show up in the menu now.


  • Occasional gateway errors could occur when a request URL was especially complex (such as when viewing the metadata for a particularly many-executioned task). This should happen no more.

New CLI features

Hooray! Valohai-CLI 0.11 was released. Upgrade at your pleasure with pip install -U valohai-cli.
Before you do, though, please note that Python 2 is finally no longer supported by the CLI.

  • Bugfix: Set a hard limit for number of files to be packaged
  • Feature: Add update-check command
  • Feature: Add ignore to get_files_for_package
  • Feature: Allow logging in using a pre-existing token
  • Feature: Python 2 is no longer supported
  • Refactor: Packaging improvements for API usage
  • UX: Embetter vh exec run's user-friendliness
  • UX: Replace dashes with underscores when resolving commands
  • UX: show project owner if there are multiple owners in the returned data; sort projects by their display label