Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-11-13

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New features

  • Organization administrators may now create and manage Team Access Grants. This feature allows users who are members of groups in external directory services to be automatically joined into Valohai organizations and teams.
    In this first version, the only supported identity provider is Azure AD. If or when you need help setting this up for your organization, our support is always available for you.
  • Speaking of which, you can now associate your Valohai account with an Azure AD identity, then use Azure AD to log in. (Note, however, that you can't log in using your username and password once you've associated your account with an Azure AD identity, and you probably don't need to do this unless instructed to do so by your organization administrator(s). But, you know, now you know the opportunity is there, and knowledge is power.)
    You can do this in the Settings > Authentication view.


  • Extraneous Intercom popovers were re-banished, now with extra vigilance and a fresh citrus scent.