Patch Notes

Patch Note 2019-11-27

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New features

  • Team Access Grants were embettered:
    • They can now be created without assigned teams, in which case they only grant access to the organization.
    • You can add a description to them.

Grants now allow descriptions and don't require an assigned team.

  • Organizations can now:
    • Forbid their members from creating personal projects.
    • Set a maximum lifetime for their members' API tokens.

Organizations can now forbid personal projects and limit API token lifetimes.

  • Commit objects are now (optionally) shown in the trace view.
  • The project creation API endpoints now accept an owner parameter.
  • The token creation API now allows setting an expiry time.


  • External identity authentication errors (such as the user clicking Cancel) no longer result in an internal error.
  • Your workspace related settings, such as the columns you've selected for tables or tables, have always been saved client-side for your convenience. Now they're stored in an even more robust and efficient way!
  • If one tab in the Execution view fails, such as running out of storage space (see above), only the tab will error out, not everything.
  • S3 URLs with dots in bucket names are no longer mangled into a form that won't work.
  • The API is no longer accessible with HTTP basic authentication.
  • Token acquisition will no longer work for users with 2FA or external identities enabled.
  • Embedded images such as charts show up in notebook previews once more.

Other improvements

  • The Hard Stop status now has a proper color, icon and label.
  • Deployment detail views were gently de-uglified.
  • The projects dropdown menu is now scrollable within itself and won't expand into infinity and beyond.
  • Zeroes now actually show up in the fields in the organization environment management view.
  • Deleting running executions sends them a hard stop signal, canceling all uploads after the delete.