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Patch Note 2019-12-03

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New features

  • A "Book Demo" button will now appear for new users! Let's talk!
  • You can now try out the Transformers project from our friends at Hugging Face with just one click on "Import Project" within Valohai. All the NLP goodness! Where to import the Hugging Face Transformers template project.


  • Google Cloud Storage buckets with underscores wouldn't validate. Our bad! Now they will.
  • On occasion, the Trace view was attempting to link nodes to commits that hadn't been loaded yet, which caused terrible temporal discrepancies. We're back in a stable timeline now, though!
  • Very very very very very long messages in the messages overlay could make the close button unclickable. No more – we're splitting very very very very very long words these days. Can we also give huge props to our new dev Magda for shipping this fix on her second day on the job? Yes we can!