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Patch Note 2019-12-19

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New features

  • Execution alerts
    • There's a new feature in town: execution alerts! Initially we'll be tracking input files' checksums: if an input file has changed since the last time you've used it as an input, the execution will have an alert associated with it.
    • You can view alerts in the Executions table view, and within each execution's detail view.
  • The project template flow got endowed with a bit of holiday UX magic.
  • The API now allows for creation of executions without an associated commit or step at all. The user interface changes for this are forthcoming. Stay tuned!


  • On occasion, column specification data could be missing from the execution table view and cause an error. The error should be no more!
  • Scaling calls are done a little less aggressively, which should in turn make execution creation and some other things a little more responsive.
  • In the API, executions can now be ordered by their creation time.
  • Execution titles are now saved when focus moves away from the edit field, not only when hitting enter.
  • The pipeline graph view was taught to be less, shall we say, screwy, to allow for managing larger pipelines.