Patch Notes

Patch Note 2020-01-09

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New features

  • Choosing commits when there are multiple branches is now easier.
  • The execution table gained columns for sorting by creation and end time.
  • Minor usability fixes:
    • Naming a project will automagically fix up any stray spaces for you.
    • Side navigation menus look nicer.
    • The Authentication Token view looks nicer.
  • Graph layouts – both the Trace graph and pipeline graphs – are now much, much better thanks to the Klay layout algorithm.


  • Store deletion now behaves more nicely when a store has been set as a default store.
  • API privileges for deployments now follow the general collaborator access formula.
  • The Alerts tab in the Execution detail view now actually shows some content when you do have alerts.
  • Attempting to get log events from executions in disabled environments could occasionally fail, but should do so no more.
  • The execution detail view was tamed a little; it really liked to do lots of requests it didn't need to do.