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Patch Note April Fools Day, 2020

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Backward-incompatible changes

  • The Execution detail API no longer has an outputs field for performance reasons (a non-paginated list of outputs for executions with potentially thousands of files was deemed Not A Good Idea). You can get the same data from the /v0/data/ endpoint by filtering with ?output_execution=EXECUTIONID.

New features

  • Notifications!
    • You can now get notifications for various events that occur in your projects. For starters, you can get notifications for:
      • executions (longer than 3 minutes) and tasks finishing, either successfully or not
      • deployments becoming available
      • when you're mentioned in execution or task notes using the familiar @someone syntax
    • You can choose to get notifications in (or via the API) and/or via email.
    • Find the notification settings in the project dashboard view!
  • The dashboard view now shows the number of enabled deployment endpoints.
  • You can now, handily enough, pass in a repository ref (such as master) instead of a commit identifier in execution/task creation APIs. This will have the platform find the latest commit in that ref.
  • Execution time limits! You can now set a time limit for an execution; the platform will politely ask your code to stop when the time limit is exceeded, just as if you'd clicked Stop in the UI.
  • Metadata charts now have titles, to make them that much nicer to screenshot.



  • Deployments are now disabled when a project is deleted.
  • Deployment log retrieval is slightly more robust in the face of unexpected Kubernetes problems.
  • Deployment status is more accurate when some endpoints are still busy being built.
  • Deployments not being enabled for deployment will no longer always block other endpoints from being enabled. That sentence was as complicated as the fix wasn't, code-wise.
  • Deployments now target Kubernetes 1.9+. Not much of a bugfix, but not much of a feature either, really!
  • Deployments on EKS create less ECR repositories.

Other stuff

  • Falsy boolean parameters are now shown correctly in the execution detail view.
  • Step environment variable defaults are now respected when no environment_variables is posted via the API.
  • Some Azure authentication corner cases were taken care of.