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Patch Note 2020-04-08

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New features

  • There's now a replacement for the execution "outputs": [] data we deprecated in the last episode of Valohai Patch Notes, namely /executions/.../outputs/. Signed download URLs are not emitted by default, but you can add ?include=download_url to get them too.
  • Deployment: The prefix path your endpoint is deployed underneath is published to the container as the SCRIPT_NAME environment variable. There's more documentation on what to do with this over at our docs site.


  • Organization invitations could occasionally fail with an internal error. That should no longer be the case.
  • The regular expression we used for validating S3 bucket names was too strict. It has now been gently told to be a little less uptight, and thus a lot more spec-compliant.
  • Notebook previews should no longer abruptly scroll for no reason.