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Patch Note 2020-05-18

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Possibly breaking changes

  • Deployment prefixes are now advertised as an X-VH-Prefix HTTP header instead of the SCRIPT_PREFIX environment variable. Unfortunately this means you may need some extra middleware processing in your deployment to handle things, if you're using path-based routing. The environment variables SCRIPT_PREFIX and SCRIPT_NAME are no longer published for new deployments, but the VH_DEFAULT_PREFIX variable is available, with the important caveat that unlike the HTTP header, it will not reflect a version alias path.


  • The interactive API browser was re-prettified. 💄
  • Some broken documentation links are no longer broken. 🔗
  • The Python API call renderer for "Create Execution" etc. now renders True and False in the properly Pythonic way. 🐍
  • Having NaN or Inf as metadata no longer breaks things quite as badly. 🧮
  • Input information is more robustly received. 💽
  • Bayesian optimization tasks now have much higher maximum execution limits. 📈
  • Very, very, very, very long execution log lines are now truncated instead of possibly crashing your browser. 💣
  • Comment mention notification mails now contain correct URLs. 📧