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Patch Note 2020-06-24

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New features

  • Input definitions in valohai.yaml gained new superpowers:
    • keep-directories (defaults to none) governs how directory paths are retained when using wildcards.
      • none junks all directory paths and just keeps filenames. This is how things have been in the past.
      • full keeps the full path from the storage root. E.g. for s3://special-bucket/foo/bar/**.jpg, you might end up with /valohai/inputs/images/foo/bar/dataset1/a.jpg.
      • suffix keeps the suffix from the "wildcard root". E.g. for s3://special-bucket/foo/bar/**.jpgspecial-bucket/foo/bar/ would be removed, but any relative path after it would be kept, and you might end up with /valohai/inputs/images/dataset1/a.jpg.
  • No need to configure a store over and over again for multiple projects anymore!
    • Project-assigned stores can now be converted to organization stores, after which they can be shared with all of the organization, or a number of selected teams.
    • You can also create an organization-level store in your Organization settings.

Usability enhancements

  • Execution view tabs that could take a while to load now have cutesy little loading spinners.
  • The Deployment Alias edit screen was given a bit of a stretch.


  • When using organization or team scoped stores, they are now correctly taken into account for inputs, too.
  • The creation of pipelines with very many nodes should be much, much faster.
  • Similarly, everything should be a bit faster thanks to some Rust magic under the hood. ✨
  • The blinking execution error favicon no longer blinks, for some extra calm.