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Patch Note 2020-08-03

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New features

  • Table column preferences are no longer stored only on your device, but in this new-fangled thing we brought an expensive consultant in to tell us about, the ✨cloud✨.


  • The Create Task, Create Execution and Create Pipeline views now enjoy a cleaner design.
  • The API will now complain if you happen to use an invalid ordering parameter, instead of returning results in an arbitrary order. We figured the Principle of Least Surprise trumps the Postel Principle here.


  • Charts were taught a couple new tricks:
    • Scatter charts went to the gym and came back a little leaner and faster.
    • They also no longer occasionally reformat their labels as color codes.
    • Scatter chart labels are now shown when you mouse-over the data.
    • Line charts are less verbose on the time axis, and as such actually readable.
  • The Heritage Only filter in the Tracing view now works correctly with deployments.
  • Unnecessary ingresses are now cleaned from deployment targets.
  • Deployments backed by Google Container Registry will now use a single repository per project to facilitate layer sharing.

Other things of interest

  • The CoreAPI schema published by the REST API is being deprecated in favor of a more standard OpenAPI schema, which will be implemented by the next version or so. We will be monitoring usage of the CoreAPI features and contacting users who still seem to depend on it.