Patch Notes

Patch Note 2020-09-02

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New features

  • The CoreAPI API description has been replaced with a standard OpenAPI 3.0 interface.

    • As a side effect, the interactive API documentation is now based on Redoc.
    • Not all input and output formats are fully described yet (not that they were before), but we're working on it. New OpenAPI documentation
  • Task statuses are now published in the REST API.

  • Project default stores can be set while creating new stores. Choice of creating a new default store is found under store creation page

  • AWS-based private environments can now use ephemeral NVMe storage in RAID 1 mode. SPEEEEEED BOOOST!


  • Project Default Environment and Project Default Store "no preference" dropdowns now actually show what "no preference" means!
  • The Create Notebook button no longer causes, well, weird navigational side effects.

Minor changes

  • If possible, S3 bucket locations are validated on Store creation.
  • Repository linking now has better error messages.
  • A variety of small UI tweaks here and there.