Patch Notes

Patch Note 2020-09-16

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New features

  • Deployment usability fixes:
    • Deployment targets now have a (read-only) API too.
    • Deployment target names are (not entirely concidentally) now also visible in the Deployment list UI.
    • Only enabled versions are shown in the deployment list, to make it nice and clean.
  • The Usage Explorer view gained new grouping superpowers. New filtering options for resource usage tools
  • Pipelines got some TLC:
    • Pipelines can be stopped from the table view, just like executions and tasks can.
    • Pipelines are now shown in execution view headers, just like tasks would be. Pipeline tables now include more functionality
  • You can now filter executions by pipeline and task.
  • The action buttons for executions, tasks and pipelines are now more unified.
  • Bayesian hyperparameter optimization is now backed by our to-be-opensourced Optimo engine.


  • Certain mildly malformed Valohai.yaml files can now be ingested.
  • Internal errors that could occur when creating many parallel executions in a single project should now happen much more rarely.
  • Email confirmation is now required to create new executions.
  • Bots specialized in signing up with bogus emails are deterred with electronic bug swatters.
  • "Set as Default Store" should now actually work as intended.
  • Certain Bayesian optimization configurations occasionally didn't work. They should now.
  • The notes and step filter fields in the executions table now remember their values after the popup is closed.