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Patch Note 2020-09-30

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New features

  • Custom S3 stores!
    • You can now use your own S3-compatible stores so long as you know an endpoint URL. S3 data stores with custom endpoint
  • Tasks are now filterable by creator, title, and status.
  • The action buttons in various data tables have been (mostly!) harmonized to a neat dropdown menu.
  • Top-level data tables also gained a new "Wide view" toggle, for all y'all data geeks out there. This is an "experimental" feature, so the state isn't persisted across page loads right now. Just so you know. Tables can now be widened to full screen
  • Executions can now be filtered by title.


  • The pipelines API endpoints are now shown in the interactive API browser.
  • The "Use default" labels in the project configuration view could be misleading when a default was explicitly set. They're confounding no more.
    • On a similar note, the logic with which execution environments are chosen is now more Do-What-I-Mean-ish when you're working in a private project that does have access to organization environments.
  • You can't accidentally zoom out and awaaaaay~ when scrolling in the pipeline outline view anymore.
  • For consistency with the YAML file, the "Connections" header in the pipeline view is "Edges". Graph theory ahoy!
  • For a moment, the Create Notebook view wouldn't work if you didn't have any commits. It does again!