Patch Notes

Patch Note 2020-10-28

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New features

  • Deployments can now be created in pipelines! Documentation is still forthcoming, but you can find examples in the pull request implementing YAML spec support for it.
  • Deployments now support environment variables. Environment variables in Valohai deployments
  • Organization administrators can now automatically add users with verified email domains to their organizations. Contact your friendly support specialist for more information.
  • You can choose between supported Bayesian optimization engines. Optuna is the default, and generally stabler, but Hyperopt is a (Hyper)option too. Hyperparameter optimization engine selection


  • On occasion, some charts might have linked to the wrong execution when clicking them. That should, hopefully, no longer be the case.
  • Small usability problems have been fixed.
  • Deployment targets are listed in priority order in the Create Deployment view.