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Patch Note 2020-12-03

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New features

  • Triggers (preview)
    • Happy holidays and welcome to the future, where you don't even have to do anything to have machines work for you!
    • The first iteration of the Valohai trigger system allows you to set a time-based trigger to run a copy of a given pipeline (which is by far the most requested use for automated triggers we've received).
    • Future versions will improve usability and add features.
  • You can now specify a node selector for deployment endpoints. If your Kubernetes cluster has extra beefy machines to run extra beefy models, use this to have a beef with Valohai.
  • We made it clearer to understand what disabling a deployment version actually means.
  • Pipeline deployment nodes are no longer immediately done; they'll wait patiently for the deployment to become ready.
  • Pipeline nodes now show far better error messages and warnings. We think that's nice.


  • The default repository fetch reference was updated to master, main to cater for GitHub's changes in that regard.
  • When updating a version alias to point to a version that isn't quite ready yet, the alias is now only updated when the target is actually ready.
  • Some UI bugs were squashed with our patented* UI bug squasher:
    • You can now clear tags from taggable things. It wasn't previously quite possible, because nulls. Damn those nulls.
    • The pipeline creation view is now less prone to simply explode.

* not actually patented