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Patch Note 2021-01-12

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Happy new year! May it be less 2020 than last year was!

New features

  • Hugely embettered deployment monitoring and logging!
    • On deployment targets where a logging Elasticsearch instance has been installed, you can now view logs from the past too, not just from pods that are currently alive! (We're working on viewing logs from the future, but it'll take some time and a sonic screwdriver.)
    • Not only that, you can also log metadata lines almost like you would with regular executions and chart them in both time series and histogram modes!

  • User interface improvements!
    • Un-filtering tables is now a snap (well, a click, really). When a filter is enabled, a small button to disable them appears!
    • Execution, task, and pipeline titles are now shown within page titles where applicable.
    • Attempting to use a Docker image that requires a GPU (i.e. has gpu- in its name) in an environment that doesn't have a GPU now results in a warning.


  • The frontend was made a little more frugal regarding certain network requests. This should translate to you, dear user, as a snappier experience.