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Patch Note 2021-02-03

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New features

  • You can now set up early stop conditions for tasks based on a metadata field. For example, set the condition to loss < 0.02 and you'll save precious cycles once your model's accurate enough!
  • You can now view deployment metrics in your local time, not only UTC.
  • Projects can be set as read-only. Find this in the Non-Danger Zone of your project's Administration view.
  • You can now purge all outputs for an execution in the execution's Outputs view.
    • You can also purge all outputs for multiple executions in the execution list view!

Improvements for organizations

  • You can now see an overview of your organization's deployments in the aptly placed and named Organization > Deployments view.
  • Organization administrators can now limit available environments to an exact subset of available environments.
  • Administrators can also now set per-team per-environment queue quotas, to avoid a hoggy team from hogging all of the resources. The quota can also be set to zero to disable an environment for a team.


  • Pipelines created by triggers should now start on their own, having been given a degree of autonomy.
  • The Organization view's environment list now shows environments with the "forbid personal usage" flag.
  • The environment variable editor gained a helpful error message.
  • Executions in pipelines are now created in a more granular manner, which should help out with very big, or very multi-inputy pipelines.
  • Input information can now be fetched only when an execution really starts. If you have long queues and only a few machines in an environment, this'll help out!