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Patch Note 2021-03-04

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This is going to be one hecking long patch note…

New features

  • Pipelines can now (finally!) reuse nodes from other pipelines!
    • A brand new "Reuse Nodes…" button has appeared for this purpose in the Create Pipeline view.
    • For API users, replace a node definition with {"type": "mimic", "source": "other-node-id"}.
    • Reused nodes are shown in italic.
    • It doesn't make much sense to reuse an errored node, but you can do it nevertheless, because who are we to limit your creative expression?
  • Stop expressions are now applicable to single executions as well as for tasks!
    • The feature is available starting with agent version 0.36.0; agents are upgraded when execution nodes start.
  • Step names and queue datetimes are now available as execution configuration data.
  • Deployment endpoint health information is now available (when the deployment target has been configured accordingly).

User interface embetterments

  • Notification settings were moved from the dashboard into the project settings view.
  • The misleading dropdown for metadata chart types is no longer a misleading dropdown when there's only one valid option.
  • Big long very huge input lists in the Copy Execution view are now hidden by default.
  • Most messages created by the frontend no longer cause a persistent notification bell. Finally.
  • You can now sort executions by step name.


  • The Organization Restrict Environments dropdown was fixed to actually work. Oops!
  • Many list API endpoints were made faster. What's this "N+1 queries" thing SQL folks talk about?
  • The organization deployment dashboard had some sharp corners sanded off:
    • The endpoint dashboard view now properly shows deployment target names. We heard complaints that Real Human Beings actually can't recall UUIDs that well. How peculiar…
    • Disabled and deleted deployments no longer show up in the endpoint dashboard.
    • Endpoint URLs are now properly formatted.
  • Project stores and notebook instances now also have their ownership transferred when projects are transferred.
  • Histograms didn't always show up in the deployment monitor. They do now.
  • Duplicate node names in pipelines now yield a real error message instead of an internal error.
  • Organization default environments now trickle correctly down to projects, no longer just at creation time.