Patch Notes

Patch Note 2021-03-24

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New features

  • The deployment dashboard now features sparklines describing request rate and success percentages per endpoint.
  • You can now create task nodes in pipelines.
  • Initial support for spot instances was added. Refer to your friendly Valohai customer success manager for the low-down.
  • Initial support for directly mounting persistent data stores supporting NFS (such as Amazon EFS, Google Cloud Filestore, and Azure Files) was added for private worker environments.
  • Support for AWS STS role delegation was added for S3 stores and EC2 execution environments.


  • Read-only projects were further locked down.
  • Store copying now reliably works.
  • Linear variant parameters in random search tasks are now correctly quantized when the quantization step >= 1.
  • The "Latest" metadata view no longer crashes on complex values.
  • The execution outputs endpoints was given a speed boost. It doesn't ride on walls, though.