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Patch Note 2021-04-14

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New features

  • You can now interpolate parameter values into input URIs with the syntax {parameter:name}. This is of particular use in tasks, where you can now easily run your execution on multiple variable datasets.
  • Tasks gained a Detail tab – if you'd been wondering about the parameter configuration for a task, wonder no more. It'll be there, waiting for you.

Task details are shown more prominently.

  • You can now wire output edges from task nodes too. Outputs from all executions in the task are matched.
    • On a related note, inputs can also be wired into deployment files these days.
  • Datums can now be tagged (manually, in the Datum list views).
    • Being able to tag data as it is output from an execution is a forthcoming feature, don't worry!

You can now add tags to files.


  • Purged datums are now more clearly shown in datum lists.
  • Axes in metadata line charts are no longer quite as limited as they were.
  • Large tables render faster thanks to not rendering quite as many invisible things.


  • Creating pipelines with task nodes directly from YAML now works.
  • The "no deployments" text in the deployment dashboard no longer disappears when there are in fact no deployments.
  • Task nodes no longer require a manual press of the Step button. That's nice.
  • Even more buttons are now properly disabled when a project is read-only.
  • Expanding the Input panel for a copied Execution with lots of inputs no longer causes a metric ton of concurrent requests that make your Internet connection and our poor servers cry in agony.
  • Marketing droids have been politely shooed off the signup page.
  • Creating a project from a certain template no longer causes an embarrassing self-XSS.
  • Action dropdown menus in very short tables are no longer cut off, making them actually usable.