Patch Notes

Patch Note 2021-05-12

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New features

Data management improvements

  • The data browser gained all-new filtering controls. Purged datums are now hidden by default. You can view them via the filter menu.

All purged outputs are now hidden by default.

  • Datum tags became visible in the input datum select dropdown.

We've made datum selection easier by showing the datum tags in input select.

  • Any metadata associated with datums is now returned to the executor machines too.
  • Organization members can now get an overview of data used across projects in the Organization view's Data Catalog.

Other things

  • Organization admins can now tweak environment prices used for price estimation.
  • Organization admins can now view scaling activity for certain environment types.
  • You can now pin executions to the top of a project's execution list.
  • The project settings view now uses the more similar controls as execution creation.
  • Executions stopped on spot instances by spot instance preemption will now cause the execution's status to correctly become "Stopped".
  • Enterprise customers can now use git-lfs.
  • You can sort projects by last_execution_ctime in the API (like in the dashboard).


  • Tasks finishing now correctly step pipelines they're members of.
  • The metadata chart no longer rounds the min/max values for axes.
  • Deployment logs are again available for all deployment targets (and the health option is not available if it's not, well, available)
  • The datum browser is now refreshed after tags are edited.
  • The notification setting list is now refreshed after edits. And routings can now be deleted.
  • A bug preventing copying projects with a default environment set was fixed.
  • The execution environment variable editor became more usable.
  • Pipelines where all nodes were layouted in a single line now layout their edges in a less confusing, non-overlapping manner.