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Patch Note 2021-06-07

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It's been a while, hasn't it? Nice to see y'all!

New features

  • Datum Aliases!
    • You can now configure per-project aliases for given data. You can change the datum the alias points at at will.
    • Datum aliases are resolved during execution/task creation, which means copying executions will not change the data if the alias had been changed meanwhile.
    • The change history of datum aliases is tracked.
    • You can set the value valohai.alias in an output metadata sidecar file to have the platform configure an alias from your output data automatically.
    • Find the new Aliases tab in your Project Data view.
  • Datum adoption!
    • You can now adopt storage URLs (S3 only for the time being – let us know if you need this for other stores) into real Valohai-tracked datums, with all the goodness that implies.
    • Find the new Adopt tab in your Project Data view.
  • New Execution View experience!
    • The iconography for execution statuses got a little facelift courtesy of our facelift department.
    • The creator and status of an execution is now in a single cell, leaving you with more space for everything actually interesting!
  • When configuring a deployment endpoint, you can now set a CPU Request value too.
    • The previously rather arcane "Node Selector" field was elucidated with a help text.
  • You can now see the effective market price of spot instance environments in the environment management UI.
  • You can now report bugs directly from the application. Look for "Report a Bug" in the user menu.
  • The task execution comparison view now allows comparing more than 100 executions. Executions and their metadata is loaded in chunks, making the initial load a little faster.
  • Very long event log messages now get a nifty "Read More" button!


  • Wide View options are now saved for more tables.
  • We found our crayons and charts now have correct legend coloring when comparing multiple executions
  • The frontend was made lighter by way of optimizing icon delivery with a synergistic AI solution (or rather, by not including all of Font Awesome).
  • The Datum browser auto-refreshes once more.
  • The "you're not using parameters" warning is no longer shown if you use {parameter} or {parameter-value}.
  • When creating organizations, the messages no longer speak of "usernames". Just "names".
  • Very rapid logging could previously make the UI wonky. The wonkiness is now decisively reduced.
  • Metadata statistics computation now works for stringly typed numbers too.
  • Searching for data was made less intensive bandwidth-and-CPU-wise.


  • The Hosted Notebook feature is no longer available by default. Let us know if you need the feature.