Patch Notes

Patch Note 2021-06-16

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New features

  • The deployment status UI got some polish to it, making errors easier to see.
  • The deployment resource configuration UI also got a bit of a new paint coat.
  • The Execution table keeps getting better:
    • It got a sticky first column!
    • The ad-hoc execution icon slid down to a tag badge!
    • Metadata and parameter columns now have neat groups!
    • Commit identifiers are now available as a column.

All purged outputs are now hidden by default.

  • The Metadata chart view's sliders are now entry boxes, for pin-point precise zooming.

All purged outputs are now hidden by default.


  • Disabled deployments are no longer shown in the deployment dashboard.
  • A race condition relating to user preferences for column choices got fixed.
  • Resolving a lot of s3://... style inputs for a single execution should now be a lot faster. #cachegang #cachegang #cachegang
  • Numeric strings are now also valid for statistics computation in the metadata views.
  • Navigating back to the Info tab in the Executions view with the Back button works again.
  • Certain race conditions involving multiple concurrent repository fetches are no more.
  • Stores where file adoption can't work are no longer shown in the Adopt tab.
  • The _time metadata value was renamed a more human-friendly "Timestamp".
  • Mimic nodes no longer require superhuman vision to see.
    • On a similar note, the node status icons now work on Firefox, and node borders are colored accordingly.
  • Pagination worked in a non-deterministic way when lists were sorted by decisively non-unique fields. We poured in a pint of determinism, and it's much better now.
  • Certain data-related queries were optimized. #poorlittledatabaseserver
  • The Data Browser view no longer makes queries at a breakneck speed when in a background tab. How's that for a bug…
  • The Datum Alias creation/editing form got a lot user-friendlier. You no longer need to edit the name of the alias only after selecting the datum…
  • A bug in the Deployment Tester view was fixed. #typescriptgang