Patch Notes

Patch Note 2021-07-13

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New features

  • Pipeline node actions are now available. For the first iteration, you can configure an execution node to stop the entire pipeline depending on e.g. metadata values.
  • Environment slugs are now visible in the organization environment dashboard.
  • Datum aliases can now be deleted.
  • Many frontend requests were made faster. (For API users: if you don't need the total count of objects in list responses, you, too, can pass ?no_count=true.)
  • Parameters can now be passed between Task nodes in pipelines.


  • The Deployment response viewer became more stable.
  • Datum aliasing UI operations were fixered-uppered.
  • The metadata view deals with timezones better than ever before.
  • Environment selection in the UI based on a step default was made more robust.
  • Pipeline nodes got some new paint.
  • The deployment status view now correctly shows unknown statuses and doesn't just, you know, die.
  • The task/comparison metadata view now correctly counts the executions to be loaded.